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Website Redesign

Website Redesign

Does your website need a redesign?

First impressions do matter; your prospective customers make assumptions about your business at the first glance of your website.

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Benefits Website Redesign

Customer Trust

A website redesign forces an organization to evolve through a content audit; addressing the redundant, obsolete and trivial content. It also forces an organization to acknowledge an outdated image.

Fresh content and an updated style will help customers take your business more seriously which builds trust.

Increased Accessibility

Smart device web use now outweighs personal computer use. It is more important than ever to have a responsive site for you business.

If your site does not work on their mobile device, they will click away.

Improved User Experience

One way to drastically improve your user experience is to design your website, so it is mobile-friendly and responsive no matter the screen type through which it is being accessed.

Additional methods for creating a better user experience include easy navigation, use of white space for legible content, emotional evocation through images and attractive calls to action.

Dynamic & Social Content

During a redesign, you need to embrace both social media and dynamic content such as videos or visuals to deliver your product or service to a wide audience.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to allow your visitors who want to share your content with others.

User Engagement

User engagement is critical, yet sometimes forgotten, element of a successful website. Your site needs to encourage your visitor to move beyond the browsing and take action to invest in whatever your business may be offering.

Here are several fundamental ways to promote user engagement: blog, social media, videos, surveys, and newsletters.

Increased Conversions

The whole point of a website redesign is about facilitating conversions.

First you need to increase your site's visibility, draw the visitors in, get them to stay and then convert them to customers.

Redesign / Realign Your Website

A website redesign is useless unless it involves a realign. The phrase "website redesign" suggests a focus primarily on aesthetic changes: color schemes, images, typography, etc.; whereas a realignment is more focused on purpose and function.

Update your Online Presence

Is your website is also a digital ghost town? A website with out of date information will not only be penalized by Google in search results, but it will also make a negative impression --- should a potential customer stumble across your site.

When did you last open a phone book to find a business? In the digital age, consumers go straight to the internet to find a product or service. Now consider when did you last update your website. Your company's website is often the first impression for a potential customer, so you need to make it worthwhile.

Redesigning your website can be a daunting task. To properly execute a redesign project you must first examine the websites strategic role within your overall organizational strategy. The opportunity for return on investment results in answering how a redesign: makes money or value, creates efficient workflows, increases creative appeal, and reaches while engaging your target audience.

Here are some signs an overhaul is needed: You do not have Analytics. Your website is not responsive to mobile phones and other smart devices. Your site does not show up in searches. Your content is no longer relevant to your business model. Your site is, at least, three years old. Here are more signs you you urgently need to overhaul or rebuild your website...

Website redesign is not only about making your site look different. It is a tool to help your business get to where it needs to be, and we will help you get there with a custom tailored web redesign strategy.

Website Redesign / Realign

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